Attendance Tracking System

  • Mobile based attendance system for our client who has thousands of employees in more than a thousand outlets all over Indonesia
  • Thousands of check-ins in the morning, and check-outs in the afternoon
  • Sales module for sales person on the field
  • Custom integration into the business flow and existing system
  • Optimization for speed for large scale and horizontal scaling

Mobile Based

  • Location based attendance taking
  • Report new location to be added to the location database
  • Convenient leave system
  • Sales module for retail shop attendance
  • Discreet payslip distribution for all employees

Admin System, Backend, Devops

  • Command console to manage the attendance system
  • Simple clean design based on Material UI standard
  • Integration with other existing system via API and microservice architecture
  • Handle the devops procedure to ensure smooth operation, monitoring and backup



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