Appety Menu Web

  • Web based menu and ordering system
  • Scan the QR to browse the menu and let the customer to self order
  • Shopping cart for order
  • Bill with served-items tracking
  • Can be used with or without Appety POS

Appety Waiter

  • Let the waiter provide their best service to customers with Appety Waiter
  • Better order handling and tracking
  • Track new incoming order
  • Track which items have been served

Appety POS

  • Powerful and slick Point of Sale system, with focus on good UI/UX
  • Work in offline and online mode. Suitable for area with poor internet connection
  • Our team helped to design the UI/UX and architect the whole system

Appety Admin

  • Admin based for managing POS, menu, restaurant and order
  • Intuitive UI for managing hundreds of menus
  • Analytics
  • Based on Nextjs, Material UI and graphql


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